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Teresa Exline

Teresa Exline serves as chief of staff for the Office of the President at Indiana State University. Since joining ISU in 1987, she has worked in a variety of communications and marketing roles before moving to the President’s Office in 2006. Exline is a past trustee of the Council for Advancement and Support of Education’s governing board and a past chair of the CASE V Great Lakes District. She also has served on the American Association of State Colleges and Universities’ National Advisory Council for Communications and Public Affairs. Locally, she is the co-founder of the 100+ Women Who Care of Vigo County and also serves as vice president of the Vigo County Historical Society Board. A graduate of the School of Journalism at Indiana University, she previously served as editor and news reporter of the Sullivan Daily Times, and as an editor of trade publications and copywriter for Shepard-Poorman Communications in Indianapolis. She is a recipient of the CASE V Distinguished Service Award, the University Medallion, the Leadership Wabash Valley Board Award, the William Albert Jones Medal and numerous awards for writing, editing, event planning and public relations.


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Dr. Dan Clark: March 18, 2015

Dr. Cat Paterson: Feb 4, 2015
Dr. Phil Glende: Feb 4, 2015
Dr. Lisa Phillips: Feb 11, 2015
Eva Kor: March 11, 2015
Robert Scott and Carl Bender: March 18, 2015

Shelley Klingerman: March 25, 2015
Dorothy Chambers: Nov 4, 2015
Marylee Hagan: Dec 16, 2015
Joylynn Kuhlman and Millie Lemen: Feb 18, 2015
Jeff Hauser: Aug 01, 2018
Stephanie Pence: Aug 1, 2018

Dr. Shikha Bhattacharyya: Aug 8, 2018
Lynn Hughes and Jamie McDowell: Aug 15, 2018
Andy Morgan and Nancy Rogers: Aug 28, 2019
Kristin Craig: Aug 28, 2019
Katie Shane: Dec 4, 2019

Phil Glende

Phil Glende is the executive director of Student Media at Indiana State University in Terre Haute. In his current job, he works with students who create and distribute news and information for print, broadcast and online. Previously, he worked as a reporter and city editor for nearly 30 years at newspapers in North Dakota, Illinois, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Wisconsin, and he taught journalism at a college in suburban Chicago. He received in doctorate in mass communication from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, with a focus on the history of newspapers. His interests include public affairs, the arts, journalism and history. He fell in love with noncommercial radio as an undergraduate at the University of Minnesota, Duluth, where he was, among other things, the host of a weekly jazz show.


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Dr. Roby George and Dr. Chris Olsen: Feb 18, 2015
Cinda May: March 4, 2015
Dr. Jim Speer and Jeffery Stone: March 11, 2015
Dr. John Conant: April 1, 2015
Carolee Buis: April 8, 2015
Dr. Donna Beegle: April 22, 2015
Dr. Lisa Phillips and Tom Szymanski: April 22, 2015
Jason Krueger: May 20, 2015
Joni Wise: June 10, 2015
Aimee Janssen-Robinson: Aug 26 2015
Dr. Carter Pann: Oct 21, 2015
Shelley Klingerman: Nov 18, 2015
Rebbeca Moore and Brenda Simmons: Nov 25, 2015
Dr. Mark Carlisle and Jane Conner: Dec 2, 2015
Dr. Jean Kristeller: Dec 23, 2015
Dr. Mary Frances Berry: Jan 20, 2016
Dr. Robert Guell: Feb 24, 2016
Dr. Mary Murphy: March 2, 2016
Marsha Miller: April 13, 2016

Dr. Christopher Capozzola: April 13, 2016
Libby Ray: May 18, 2016
Dr. Barbra Eversole & Dr. Debra Israel: Nov 9, 2016
Dr. Lonnie Golden: Nov 16, 2016
William W. Seu: Dec 7, 2016
Amanda Shepherd: Feb 1, 2017
Dr. Rachel Headley: Feb 8, 2017
Dr. Josh Powers: July 26, 2017
Dr. Jennifer Hutchens: Aug 2, 2017
Sherard Clinkscales: Sept 13, 2017
Dr. Mark Hamm: Sept 13, 2017
Dr. Josh Powers: Oct 4, 2017
Dr. Jared Creason & Dr. Morton J. Marcus: Oct 25, 2017
Dr. Kevin Christ / Dr. Robert Guell: Nov 8, 2017
Martha Barnette and Grant Barrett: Nov 15, 2017
Dr. Dan Bradley: Dec 6, 2017
Dr. Deborah Curtis: Jan 24, 2018
Dr. Kevin Christ and Dr. Robert Guell: Feb 7, 2018
John de Graaf: Feb 28, 2018

Dr. Lawerence Schell: March 28, 2018
Dr. Laura Bowling: Aug 22, 2018
Scott Burns and Dr. Jennifer Hutchens: Sept 12, 2018
Libby Ray: Oct 24, 2018
Robert Coons: Dec 19, 2018
Shelley Klingerman: Jan 23, 2018
Dr. Dawnie Steadman: Feb 13, 2019
Dr. Leigh Raymond: Feb 27, 2019
David Ignatius: March 27, 2019
Pat Martin: April 10, 2019
Dr. Josh Powers: June 5, 2019
Dr. Joy O'Keefe: Aug 28, 2019
Andrea Angel: Sept 4, 2019
Joe Newport: Sept 18, 2019
Dr. Josh Sheppard: Oct 23, 2019
Danielle Elkins: Oct 30, 2019
Dr. Mary Meyes & Dr. Thomas Morgan: Oct 30, 2019
Sherard Clinkscales: Nov 20, 2019
Katie Lugar: Dec 18, 2019
Jessica Fischer: Feb 19, 2020
Kevin Christ & Robert Guell: Feb 19, 2020
Myra Wilkey & Jessica Brown: Feb 26, 2020

Greg Goode

Gregory Goode serves as executive director of government relations for Indiana State University. He has more than 20 years of public policy experience at the federal level as well as in state/local government advocacy in Indiana, Washington, and California. He serves as the university liaison to the Indiana General Assembly, Governor’s Office and Commission for Higher Education as well as the U.S. Congress and local governments. From 2009-2012, Goode served as chief of staff to the president of Bastyr University and was the founder and director of the university’s Center for Health Policy and Leadership in Seattle. He has a lengthy history of direct involvement in higher education, healthcare, and transportation public policy issues, having worked in Washington, D.C., for five years for two members of the U.S. House of Representatives. He is the former public policy chair of the national Integrative Healthcare Policy Consortium and is a governor-appointee to the Western Indiana Regional Works Council. He serves or has served on numerous boards, including Terre Haute Regional Hospital, the Vigo County Capital Improvement Board, and the Hamilton Center Foundation. Goode earned a B.S. in political science and M.A. in history from ISU. He is a Ph.D. candidate in public administration and policy at Virginia Tech, writing his dissertation on the social movement of naturopathy.


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Gov. Mike Pence: Feb 11, 2015
Rep. Alan Morrison: Feb 11, 2015
Sen. Rodric Bray and
Sen. Richard Bray: Feb 24, 2015
Craig McKee: March 4, 2015
Rep. Bob Heaton: March 25, 2017
Sen. Jon Ford: April 1, 2015
Brian Burton: April 15th, 2015
Chris Nations: May 13, 2015
Steve Witt: June 3, 2015
Matt Huckleby: Aug 17, 2015
Sen. Luke Kenley: Aug 26, 2015
Seth Davis: Sept 2, 2015
Todd Young: Sept 23, 2015
Lt. Gov. Sue Ellspermann: Sept 23, 2015
John Gregg: Sept 30, 2015
Rep. Tim Brown: Oct 28, 2015
Alan Morrison: Jan 20, 2016
Duke Bennett: Feb 17, 2017

Jon Ford: Feb 17, 2016
Mayor Clint Lamb: Feb 24, 2016
Rick Burger: March 9, 2016
Bill Minnis: March 9, 2016
Sen. Lonnie Randolph and
Rep. Cherrish Pryor: April 20, 2016
Gov. Eric Holcomb: May 11, 2016
Teresa Lubbers: June 15, 2016
Sen. Dennis Kruse: July 20, 2016
Todd Young: Aug 10, 2016
Sen. Dan Coats: Oct 19, 2016
Evan Bayh: Nov 2, 2016
Shelly Klingerman: Nov 2, 2016
Sen. Eric Bassler: Nov 2, 2016
Rep. Bob Heaton: March 22, 2017
Mayor Duke Bennett (2017): March 22, 2017
Elaine Bedel: April 12, 2017
Steve Braun: July 19, 2017

U.S. Sen. Joe Donnelly: Aug 30, 2017
Tom Miller: Nov 1, 2017
Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch: Dec 20, 2017
Sen. Jon Ford: Feb 14, 2018
Brendan Kearns: Feb 14, 2018
Pat Goodwin: Feb 21, 2018
Chad Overton: March 14, 2018
Luke Messer: March 14, 2018
Larry Buschon: April 14, 2018
Tonya Pfaff: April 18, 2018
Norman Loudermilk: April 18, 2018
Bill Verdeyem: May 2, 2018
Teresa Lubbers: June 13, 2018
Mayor Duke Bennett: Aug 29, 2018
Jon Ford: Oct 10, 2018
Chris Gambill: Oct 10, 2018
U.S. Rep. Larry Bucshon: Aug 21, 2019
Eric Holcomb: Oct 23, 2019