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Phil Glende talks with Myra Wilkey and Jessica Brown about housing in Terre Haute for the mentally ill. They also discuss how well known they are within the community, along with their future plans.
Kevin Christ & Robert Guell - Original Air Date: February 26, 2020

Katie Lugar, the Assistant Director of Student Programming and Leadership and the Tobacco Free Blue Advisor, talks with Phil Glende about the efforts to make ISU a smoke free environment. They also discuss the dangers and what is not known about vaping.
Katie Lugar - Original Air Date: December 18, 2019

Professor of Political Science at Purdue University, Dr. Leigh Raymond, speaking with Phil Glende about the recent report on climate change’s effects on energy consumption in Indiana. The two discuss climate change and state wide energy consumption, commercial vs. residential energy consumption, a carbon tax, alternative energy, and the origins of the study.
Dr. Leigh Raymond - Original Air Date: February 27, 2019