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Amanda Shepherd, Out Reach Coordinator of the Hoosier Environmental Council speaks with Phil Glende about environmental issues, agricultural issues, educating the community about those issues, and she explains what the Hoosier Environmental council does for the community.
Amanda Shepherd - Orginal Air Date: Februrary 1, 2017

Former governor, and U.S Senator Evan Bayh speaks with Greg Goode about the changes he would make if he gets re-elected in the U.S Senate by bringing jobs to Indiana, having change in the affordable health care act and his beginnings in Terre Haute.
Sen. Evan Bayh - Original Air Date: December 2, 2016

Senator Eric S. Bassler who talks with Greg Goode about the time before he was Senator, when he returned home to Washington, Indiana, and about having enough money to run K-12 and higher education.
Sen. Eric Bassler - Orginal Air Date: October 26, 2016

Congressman Todd Young speaks with Greg Goode about his Senate campaign, ideas for educational reform, and experiences with the Ways and Means Committee.
Rep. Todd Young - Orginal Air Date: August 10, 2016