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Christopher Capozzola, Associate Professor of History at M.I.T., speaks with Phil Glende about citizenship conversion for German-Americans during and after World War I. Christopher Capozzola - Original Air Date: April 13, 2016

Mayor Duke Bennett speaks with Greg Goode about his 3rd term as mayor of Terre Haute. Mayor Duke Bennett - Original Air Date: Febuary 17, 2016

State Senator Lonnie Randolph, Chairman of the Indiana Black Legislative Caucus, and leader of Senate District 2 in Lake County speaks with Greg Goode about district representation, economic development, and African American progress in our culture. Cherrish Pryor, State Representative of House District 94 in Marion County, also speaks with Greg Goode about fiscal impacts on lawmaking, budget committees, and why college is so vital for anyone interested in being in public office. State Senator Lonnie Randolph and Cherrish Pryor - Original Air Date: April 20, 2016