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Libby Ray, Coordinator of the Vigo Co. Tobacco Prevention & Cessation Program, speaks with Phil Glende about the ever-rising e-cig trend; as well as new FDA regulations being implemented to control the growing addiction. Increased advertising has caused a spike in e-cig and vapor tobacco usage, and Libby offers some insightful information about these unregulated products. Libby Ray: Original Air Date: May 18, 2016

Former state Senator Richard Bray and his son, current state senator Rodrick Bray spoke with Greg Goode in their first interview together. They spoke about their family history in politics and their memories of their father and grandfather. Richard Bray discussed the problems with our current prison system and other issues he dealt with when he was a member of Senate. Both encouraged citizens to get involved in local politics. Richard Bray and, Rodrick Bray: Originally aired: Febuary 25, 2015

John Gregg, current candidate for Indiana Governor, spoke with Greg Goode about serving in the House of Representatives as both Speaker and Majority Leader. Gregg discusses some of the controversial issues he would address if elected.
John Gregg: Originally aired: September 30, 2015