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Seth Davis, author and writer for Sports Illustrated Magazine spoke with Greg Goode about his recent work and experiences with CBS Sports, as well as offering insight to any rising athletes and students. Seth Davis: Originally Aired, September 9, 2015

Dr. Phil Glende, Executive Director of Student Media at Indiana State University spoke to Jason Krueger, Perman Art Collection Curator for ISU. Perman just returned from a trip to Europe where he transported a valuable piece of ISU art to a museum in France. Perman speaks about his journey, along with other art belonging to the ISU collection, including some Andy Warhol pieces. Jason Krueger: Originally Aired May, 20, 2015

Dr. Jolynn Kuhlman and Dr. Millie Lemen spoke with Teresa Exline to discuss women’s athletics and Title IX. Kuhlman and Lemen explain the implementation of Title IX and how they’re still fighting for equality among the women’s programs, not just at Indiana State University, but across the entire nation. Dr. Jolynn Kuhlman and Dr. Millie Lemen Originally aired February 18, 2015