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Dr. Donna Beegle, author of See Poverty, Be the Difference spoke with Dr. Phil Glende, explaining her own impoverished background, born to a family of cotton pickers. Beegle has worked in 49 states to study how poverty changes across the country. She spoke about what she has learned, how distanced social classes are in America, and what our government can do to make a change.

Donna Beegle: originally aired April 22, 2015

Indiana State Rep. Alan Morrison of House District 42 spoke with Greg Goode. District 42 covers a large area, spreading from Terre Haute to much smaller towns, all the way to the Illinois border. Morrison discussed his early years and the reasons he ran for office, also touching on education, plans for the future, and other important issues.

Alan Morrison originally aired: February 11, 2015

Michelle Bennett, the program administrator for Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at ISU, spoke with Teresa Exline. Retired faculty and teachers from the community formed OLLI in 1997 to help institute a life-long learning program at Indiana State. Bennett discussed the benefits of being a part of a program such as OLLI and its cheap membership and quality learning for older adults.

Michelle Bennett Interview: originally aired February 25, 2015

Indiana State University President Dr. Dan Bradley spoke with Dave Taylor. Dr. Bradley discussed his time as president of ISU and how he has changed things for the school. President Bradley also went over how the university is doing overall currently and future plans for updates both on campus and in class.

President Bradley: originally aired March 11, 2015