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Dr. Donna Beegle, author of See Poverty, Be the Difference spoke with Dr. Phil Glende, explaining herown impoverished background, born to a family of cotton pickers. Beegle has worked in 49 states to study how poverty changes across the country. She spoke about what she has learned, how distanced social classes are in America, and what our government can do to make a change.

Donna Beegle originally aired: April 20, 2015

Carl Bender and Robert Scott discussed, with Teresa Exline, the tragic explosion of the Home Packing Plant Co. of Terre Haute in 1963. Scott was an employee who made it out of the building right before the blast and Bender is the son of an employee who was lost in the explosion.

Carl Bender & Robert Scott originally aired: March 18, 2015

Former state Senator Richard Bray and his son, current state senator Rodric Bray spoke with Greg Goode in their first interview together. They spoke about their family history in politics and their memories of their father and grandfather. Richard Bray discussed the problems with our current prison system and other issues he dealt with when he was a member of Senate. Both encouraged citizens to get involved in local politics.

Richard Bray & Rodric Bray originally aired: February 25, 2015

Libby Ray, Coordinator for Vigo County Tobacco Prevention and Cessation, a division of Chances and Services for Youth (CASY) spoke with Max Jones. They talk about the sudden problem with electronic cigarettes or “E-Cigs.”. Ray informs the public on why this new fad is such a problem for the community at large and how it can be helped.

Libby Ray originally aired: February 18, 2015