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Carl Bender and Robert Scott discussed, with Teresa Exline, the tragic explosion of the Home Packing Plant Co. of Terre Haute in 1963. Scott was an employee who made it out of the building right before the blast and Bender is the son of an employee who was lost in the explosion.

Carl Bender & Robert Scott originally aired: March 18, 2015

Cinda May, head of special collections at Cunningham Memorial Library at ISU, discussed with Dr. Phil Glende the 500 year old German to Latin dictionary now being held in the Cordell collection. May explains why this nearly ancient book is so special and why ISU is lucky to have it added to an already astounding collection.

Cinda May originally aired: 2/18/15

Chris Nations, Indiana State University alumnus and president of the Nations Group spoke with Greg Goode about the group based out of Scottsdale, Arizona. Nations worked for the ISU athletic department when he attended university. Nations speaks about how the Hulman Center being updated to reflect the other big changes ISU is making to its campus, what updates are being done, and why these changes are necessary.

Chris Nations originally aired: May 13, 2015

Jill Blunk, Director of College Challenge at Indiana State University, spoke with Dave Taylor to discuss dual credit courses that are being offered to high school students in the Vigo County area. More information is available with the guidance counselors and principals at North, South, and West Vigo High Schools.

Jill Blunk originally aired: March, 25 2015