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Dr. Donna Beegle, author of See Poverty, Be the Difference spoke with Dr. Phil Glende, explaining her own impoverished background, born to a family of cotton pickers. Beegle has worked in 49 states to study how poverty changes across the country. She spoke about what she has learned, how distanced social classes are in America, and what our government can do to make a change.
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ISU News Room. Donna Beegle: Originally aired April 22, 2015

Tom Szymanski, Labor Representative I.B.E.W, Electronic Workers, Local 725 spoke with Dr. Phil Glende, discussing the repealing the Indiana Common Wage law and what it will do for or against the labor force. They also went over how it will affect tax payers and the local community, as well as the state. Szymanski explained why he and the I.B.E.W. are proponents for increasing minimum wage.

Tom Szymanski: Origianlly aired April 22, 2015

Eva Kor, founder of the Candles Holocaust Museum in Terre Haute, shared her story with Teresa Exline and Isaac Land, revisiting her unique childhood growing up under Nazi rule, her time in Auschwitz, and life after the holocaust. Kor not only spoke about what she’s been through, but how it shaped her life philosophies. This was part one of a two part interview.

Eva Kor Complete Interview: Originally aired March 11, 2015