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Greg Goode spoke with Brian Burton, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for the Indiana Manufacturer’s Association, soon to be the President and CEO of the association. Burton is an alumnus of Indiana State University and the nephew of famous ISU president Ralph Tirey. The discussed the ways that the recession hit Indiana and how the state has bounced back. Burton also explained why manufacturing is important and went over the politics of his job and how it affects Hoosiers.

Brian Burton: Originally aired April 15, 2015

Dr. Lisa Philips, an Associate Professor of History at Indiana State University, discusses with Teresa Exline the research she’s been conducting with her students into the Vigo County Home or "The Poor Farm." After Philips’ husband unearthed some unmarked graves at the home’s site, Philips became curious and began her research. She described why this is important experience for her students and examined what might come of their research.

Lisa Philips: Originally aired February 11, 2015

Dr. Lori Henson, instructor of communitcations at ISU spoke with Max Jones, editor of the Tribune-Star in Terre Haute. They discuss Sunshine Week and the average citizen’s role and rights in government.

Lori Henson: Originally aired March 18, 2015