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Carolee Buis, an HIV/AIDS educator certified by the state of Indiana working for QUEST in Terre Haute talks with Phil Glende about the recent hike in numbers of those infected with HIV in Southern Indiana.

Carolee Buis: Origianlly aired April 8, 2015

Drs. Millie Lemen and Jolynn Kuhlman speak with Teresa Exline about title nine and how it has changed the world of women athletics. They both share their own experiences, having been involved in sports before title nine, and what differences today’s generation of female athletes enjoy.

Dr. Jolynn Kuhlman and Millie Lemen: Originally aired February 18, 2015

Dr. Catherine Paterson from the Center for Community Engagement spoke with Teresa Exline. Topics in this interview include: What Community Engagement means for Indiana State, how it’s funded, and how to get involved. Indiana State University was ranked No. 1 in Community Service by Washington Monthly for the 2nd year in a row now.

Dr. Cat Patterson: Originally aired February 4, 2015