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Terry Modesitt, Vigo County Prosecutor spoke with Dave Taylor about his duties as prosecutor and the different types of prosecutors employed in Terre Haute. He explained the 6 court divisions and their individual jobs. Finally, Modesitt touched on the controversies surrounding sentencing and how trials can be effected by private information. Terry Modesitt: Originally aried April 1, 2015

Senator Jon Ford spoke with Greg Goode about his motivation for running for senator in the state of Indiana. Ford went into detail on his philosophy concerning education within the public schools system and the ways the school system can improve in the state of Indiana. Senator Jon Ford: Originally aried April 1, 2015

John Conant, Professor and Chair of the department of Economics at Indiana State University, spoke with Phil Glende to discuss the commission for higher education in Indiana. Conant gave his take on why so many students leave the state of Indiana after they graduate from University. Conant also explained the stress added to professors due to an increased workload.

John Conant: Originally aried April 1, 2015