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Eva Kor, founder of the Candles Holocaust Museum, and Issac Land spoke with Teresa Exline. Kor went into detail about her connection with other Holocaust survivors and the intense search she has conducted to find information on the experiments done on her sister and herself by Dr. Mengele. This was part two of a two part interview. Eva Kor: March 11, 2015

Indiana State University President Dr. Dan Bradley spoke with Dave Taylor. Dr. Bradley discussed his time as president of ISU and how he has changed things for the school. President Bradley also went over how the university is doing overall currently and future plans for updates both on campus and in class. Dan Bradley: March 11, 2015

Dr. Jim Speer and Jeffery Stone talked with Dr. Phil Glende to discuss the Wabash River and various environmental issues. Speer and Stone are part of a group studying past and present uses of the river. Jim Spear and Jeffery Stone: March 11, 2015