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Indiana State Rep. Clyde Kersey, D-Terre Haute spoke with Max Jones. Kersey discussed the reasons to vote and how it is being made easier in Indiana. He talked about Indiana jobs, unions, and pay. Kersey also explained what is happening with education and where funding comes from. Clyde Kersey: February 25, 2015

Former state Senator Richard Bray and his son, current state senator Rodric Bray spoke with Greg Goode in their first interview together. They spoke about their family history in politics and their memories of their father and grandfather. Richard Bray discussed the problems with our current prison system and other issues he dealt with when he was a member of Senate. Both encouraged citizens to get involved in local politics. Sen. Rodric Bray and former Sen. Richard Bray: February 25, 2015

Michelle Bennett, the program administrator for Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at ISU, spoke with Teresa Exline. Retired faculty and teachers from the community formed OLLI in 1997 to help institute a life-long learning program at Indiana State. Bennett discussed the benefits of being a part of a program such as OLLI and its cheap membership and quality learning for older adults.

Michelle Bennett: February 25, 2015