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Dr. Phil Glende discussed with Teresa Exline the development of the partnership between WISU and WFYI of Indianapolis in the Fall of 2014. He also talked about the creation of Student Media at Indiana State University and the growth of student media opportunities.

Dr. Phil Glende: February 4, 2015

Gov. Mike Pence spoke with Greg Goode about the governor’s first two years in office, the state of Indiana, his early life in politics, and his new policies that are being implemented in 2015. The governor talked about the educational voucher program, and the continual strive Hoosiers are making for Indiana to be a state that other states look at as a positive example.

Indiana Governor Mike Pence: February 4, 2015

Dr. Catherine Paterson from the Center for Community Engagement spoke with Teresa Exline. Topics in this interview included: what community engagement means for Indiana State, how it’s funded, and how to get involved. Paterson also explained the positive effects this program has on its students and overall academia. Indiana State University was ranked No. 1 in Community Service by Washington Monthly for the 2nd year in a row now. Dr. Cat Patterson: February 4, 2015

Dr. Robert Guell, a professor of economics at Indiana State University spoke with Max Jones, editor of the Tribune-Star in Terre Haute. Guell gave his opinion on important local economic issues. Dr. Robert Guell: February 4, 2015